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Maryann, Canada

My reading with Elizabeth was incredible.  All of the messages she received were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. She connected to my loved ones and gave me details she could never know. I left the reading feeling hopeful and energized. Which it has been a couple weeks since I felt that way. The interaction was perfect. Made me think and connect myself which feels good in a reading. Being a part of the process is nice. 

I appreciate you and the gift you give to the world. 


Thank you!

JB, Canada

"I think you are special & very gifted... you helped me so much in so many ways... I will always remain very grateful. 

So far everything you have ever advised has occurred.  You are amazing.  Thank you so much."    

Ann Kerwin, Ph.D. Auckland, New Zealand

"Elizabeth McQuade is a highly gifted intuitive.  I know this personally: she has helped many. Having worked with Elizabeth for nearly a decade, I can affirm that her record of accuracy is very high. 

The messages Elizabeth relays afford balanced, practical insight and counsel appropriate for the recipient. She herself is kind, matter of fact, respectful, trustworthy and diplomatic; Elizabeth has an engaging, refreshing sense of humor.  People, I find, are very comfortable with her.  Moreover, her energy work, which embraces several modalities, is peace-inducing and highly effective.

I unhesitatingly recommend Elizabeth McQuade most highly and utterly without reservation."  

Tandrea Der, Edmonton, Canada

"Elizabeth is extremely gifted and uses her talents to convey specific messages from your spirit team in a nurturing, supportive, and loving way. The first time my children saw her, they felt like she was reading their minds and that she knew exactly how they were really feeling inside (without telling her a word). She offered customized suggestions to each of my kids in order to help them embrace their feelings as well as open and clear their auras/energies. If you haven't seen Elizabeth, you are truly missing out."    

Monika Vera Olson, Auckland, New Zealand

"Did the best meditation I have ever experienced with Elizabeth, at the Wellness and Healing Fair, Greenbay. I found the answers to a lot of questions I had. Your voice is very relaxing and the content of the meditation is very easy to visualize. Thank you!"  

Daphne McDonagh, Edmonton, Canada

"Forever grateful for our time spent together Elizabeth. You are wonderful at what you do.

The meditation at the beginning of our session was wonderful and I listen to it frequently when I find myself needing to ground and center myself. I really appreciated how you tapped into my energetic team and helped me to realize that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing right now.

It is nice to know that everything is going to be alright.

The Universe is preparing me for something to help me move to the next level.
I highly recommend your services to anyone who is feeling stuck and could use some guidance. This would be an awesome Christmas present for that person you don`t know what to get for Christmas."

Vicki, Auckland, New Zealand


“Whatever you may require, whether your conscious mind knows it or not, Elizabeth's guidance will strengthen the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual framework you are blessed with. 

A woman of pure and golden heart, sincere, compassionate and kind.”        

FF, Auckland, New Zealand

Bedwetting testimonial (and seeing an angel)


“Just want to give u a bit of an update on my son. He'd been dreading going to school camp because if his bed wetting. I sent 4 pull ups inside his sleeping bag but he didn't use them. Like the other time, he just asked his guardian angels and he was dry all 3 nights, no problems at all!! On night 2 he said he was praying "so hard" in bed that he actually saw the angel. It had no wings, just looked like a person but then he looked again and it was gone. 


Being dry during camp was a massive deal for him and I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping him. Bed wetting will stop, I know it will. But the faith he has found and the feeling that he's not alone and that he can get "extra" help with his problems whenever he needs will hopefully stay with him for life.


I'm REALLY grateful for all you've done for us. Thanks heaps!!”        

AA, New Zealand


"O Elizabeth!
Your work is such a gift and I feel so much better, so comforted, so resourced and so lucky to have found you ️" 

Fabricia Foster, Auckland, New Zealand


"I'd highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone. She is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and has a great ability to connect with people and make them feel at ease. Every time I've gone to her feeling a bit broken (physically or emotionally) she's been amazing in helping me find a way forward. My husband, son and many of my friends have seen Elizabeth for all sorts of different reasons and they have all reported the same thing: she's incredible!!"      

Mrs. Kite, Auckland, New Zealand

“I can’t believe the difference that sessions have made to my life, from the first session I had people comment about the positive changes in me.  The sense of calm that I felt was incredible and gave me the ability to better deal with life’s day to day pressures.  I found Elizabeth to be highly intuitive and quickly able to pinpoint the root of my problem.”        

Nina, Auckland, New Zealand


Headaches and muscle tension


"I felt drawn to have a session with Elizabeth as I was having daily headaches to the point where my vision would go.  Huge build up daily in my shoulders, very painful and very little energy.  This had been on-going for about a month.  After my session with Elizabeth immediately I had no more headaches. Wow!  Also no build up daily in my shoulders.  To me this was a miracle!  I would highly recommend Elizabeth and what she does.  I trust her a hundred percent.  She very much stands in her integrity."        

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