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During your session I share timely intuitive messages and insights with you.

I assist you in attaining a higher state of physical, emotional and spiritual balance and conscious awareness through Energy Work, toning, healing and communication with your energetic team.


Who would benefit from these sessions?


People who are ready to expand their: reality; understanding of themselves; and highest potential for this life.

Health Improvements (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)


When someone is experiencing a pain or restriction in either their physical, emotional or energetic bodies, the root can almost always be found in the person’s energy field. 


The good news is this is the easiest field to change.  And with that change in the energetic field, the physical, emotional and mental bodies always follow suit.  This is amongst the highest calibre of healing that one can experience and seek to find at this time.  The range of possibilities are endless.

What happens during a session…?


During a session I am an observer of people’s true and intrinsic state, translating what is just beyond the five senses into a conscious picture and language that will benefit the client and all involved.


Sessions are safe, effective and fun with many positive benefits felt by clients right away and beautifully unfolding over time.


Where appropriate questions are answered, new ideas and directions are revealed, guidance and homework is given.


It is an ancient way of healing and self discovery experienced with the freshness and vitality of our quickly expanding and changing reality.

Questions for you


Are you ready to feel more joy, love and light in your everyday experience?


Are you feeling like there is something more, but don’t quite know what that is or how to get it?


Are you feeling like you are at the end of the path but don’t know how to proceed?


Get comfortable for an hour, relax and see what comes up to be shifted, experienced and integrated into your understanding. 


The results can be truly life changing.  I look forward to working with you.


In light, love and joy!


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