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Since an early age I have been a truth seeker.  Always looking for answers to the big questions, sometimes surprised when they did not always reveal themselves easily, but never giving up.  My journey for truth and love of nature and the human body lead me to study Biology in university, but realizing that I was not going to find "the secrets of life" in the lab, I then pursued a career in the performing arts (opera, singing / song writing and acting). Concurrently since 1997 I have studied and practiced Energy work, long distance healings and energetic readings and have lead group meditations and energywork / energy awareness classes and workshops.


In 2008 I moved from Vancouver, Canada to Auckland, New Zealand with my husband and first daughter and while there I studied and practiced Reiki and became a certified BodyTalk practitioner in 2010.  Since then my husband and I had a second daughter.  In 2016 my family and I moved back to Canada where we currently reside.


Alongside of this drive to find the truth was an inherently strong sensitivity to feeling energy and emotions in other people, animals and nature, and a tendency to receive messages, images and signs from this physical dimension and beyond.  I believe we are all born with this ability but in my case I was lead to learn how to manage it, develop it further and work with it for the benefit of myself and others.


My passion is to assist other adults, children and animals to achieve a higher state of balance, frequency and overall health and to assist in expanding clients' awareness of how their body, mind, emotions and energy fields work.  And where appropriate assisting them in their awareness and understanding of the amazing support that the universe supplies from God / Goddess / Source, our higher self, angels, spirit guides, ancestors, elementals, animals, plants and the earth.


It is my understanding that each of us is an intrinsic part of everything in existence and all things are beautifully interwoven and connected.  As we change so we change the universe!

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