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Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $25


If you are looking to call something into your life, be it an experience, a place, a relationship or thing this video will lead you through a guided and active meditation, visualization and healing technique that will assist you in clearing, opening and allowing you to receive the things you are feeling drawn to experience.

You can think of it like and interactive energetic vision board. It takes 30 minutes to complete the first time and only 10 minutes any subsequent times you wish to do this technique.

Once you purchase your link to the video and a short preparation exercise will be emailed to you via the gift certificate form. Click on the image to purchase.

Remote Viewing Video Class Thumbnail for website.jpg

Cost: $25


In this remote viewing video class we will look at several different targets using several different methods. This class is great for beginners or advanced remote viewers.


Ensure you have a quiet space, pen and paper and about 40 minutes set aside to do this class.


To purchase, click on the picture. Once you purchase you will be emailed a link to the video.

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