We are always in some state of balance, but when we tune into the innate wisdom of our body, our energy field and our soul and we tune in with the divine guidance that universe has surrounded us with then wonderful, meaningful and holistic changes occur.  
These changes in our energy field, frequency and consciousness create change in our emotions, our body and our experiences.
Everything is consciousness and energy, everything!  When we work on that level, then we are working with the universe to create the highest potential for the expression and creation of our life.   
I am honoured to work with clients to assist them in reaching a higher state of balance, understanding and enjoyment of life.
Light, love and all the best, 
Elizabeth McQuade


In the above interview Elizabeth McQuade shares how she works with clients, what types of information can come up and what changes and shifts people can experience during a one hour Skype or phone session. 

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